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Being a Digital Nomad Girl is an adventure.

But it can also be challenging … and lonely.

I know. I’ve been there.

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’re dreaming of working as a digital nomad, but you’ve got absolutely no idea where to start.

You wish you had women to learn from who share your dreams. Your family and friends at home don’t really ‘get you’.

You’re already working online, but you struggle to stay productive and achieve your goals while travelling and exploring.


You love being location independent, but you’re tired of having to introduce yourself and your business every time you move to a new place. You miss having a network of friends and business besties who know you inside and out.

If it does, then you already know how important it is to surround yourself with people who get you.

That’s why I’ve created the DNG Inner Circle for you.

Only a few years ago I was in the same boat as you…

I had no idea where to start and was fed up with people selling the lifestyle, but not really showing me the skills and tools I needed to become location independent.

I didn’t know which path was right for me. I was intimidated by all the six- and seven-figure online entrepreneurs out there sharing their success stories of ‘hustling’ & ‘crushing it’.

I had started making some money freelancing online but wasn’t sure how to make this lifestyle sustainable and stay productive.

I was meeting amazing people all over the world. We bonded, had adventures, and co-worked together. But it felt like I was always saying goodbye. I was missing the stability and continuity of ongoing friendships and a consistent business network.

And worst of all, I hadn’t found my tribe of girls to share my journey – my ups and my downs.

Introducing: The DNG Inner Circle

A virtual coworking community that travels with you wherever you go!

We believe that the secret ingredient to success is not luck or even the perfect sales funnel (although those are great too), but having a network of inspirational, empowering friends and business besties who support you and cheer you on through the highs and lows of online business.

Being part of the DNG Inner Circle allows you to:

 Tap into the knowledge and experience of a community of digital nomad girls and featured industry experts

Bring much-needed consistency and structure to your digital nomad life to help you be productive and achieve your goals

 Virtually cowork with girls from different backgrounds and industries. You might even meet your next travel buddy or business bestie

 Help other girls by sharing your own expertise and knowledge, and receive their help in exchange.

… and much more!

“The Inner Circle is a community that every digital nomad girl NEEDS to be a part of.  We have accountability buddies, virtual co-working days, business courses, expert Q&A’s, goal setting sessions – yes, those are all as amazing as they sound. Join the Inner Circle and say goodbye to the lonely travel and freelancing life! It’s an inspiring group of women committed to helping each other master their personal, travel, and business goals. I hope to see you in there soon!” Deya Aliaga Kuhnle, Project & Content Manager

“If you are looking for a group of women who are friendly and motivated then sign right up!” Janice Chaka, The Career Introvert

Here’s a summary of what you’ll get as a member of the DNG Inner Circle:

Monthly Expert Masterclasses

Each month we invite a featured expert to hold a Masterclass on an interesting topic relating to working online or the digital nomad lifestyle. We’ve covered topics like productivity, branding, managing your money, scaling your business and more!

Monthly Expert Q&As

Monthly live Q&A sessions hosted by our featured expert, where you can ask any burning questions about that month’s topic. And remember, this is a safe space, so there’s no such thing as a silly question.

Dedicated Community

Exclusive access to a dedicated virtual coworking community that you can turn to for answers, feedback, and inspiration away from the buzz of social media and your inbox. PLUS we have our very own Inner Circle App!

Monthly Goal Setting

Setting realistic goals & sticking to them is key to finding balance as a Digital Nomad Girl. That’s why we hold group Goal Setting Sessions each month to make sure we reach our goals and fulfil our potential.

Accountabilibuddy Pairings

Yep, that’s a word! We regularly offer optional Accountabilibuddy pairings. It’s so much easier to reach your business and travel goals when you have a buddy to cheer you on and make sure you’re on track.

Exclusive Member Goodies

Get access to an exclusive set of workbooks, checklists, swipe files and more & receive special perks and discounts to our retreats and other events, tools & services!

PLUS: virtual coworking days & DNG Legal Clinic

What is virtual coworking?

You’ve probably heard of coworking spaces, right? Well, inside the DNG Inner Circle we take coworking to a virtual level. We have dedicated days on which we meet online, set our goals and then work together in 25-minute intervals to get as much done as possible. We check in with each other regularly to make sure we stay on track! These days are becoming more and more popular and we’re getting heaps of work done!

What is a Legal Clinic?

Our latest addition to the DNG Inner Circle is our very own Legal Clinic! As freelancers or online business owners we have tonnes of questions, including legal questions which we often neglect due to their complexity. Well, that’s not necessary anymore because we now have our very own lawyer, Janet Alexandersson, who will answer all your legal questions live regularly throughout the year! How amazing is that?

Anything missing?

That’s the best part! The DNG Inner Circle is your tribe and it’s just getting started. You have the opportunity to shape this community by suggesting future topics, featured experts, and events, and help create a space you love! 💕

“Honestly, I’m most grateful for being part of this amazing community. You’ve made my goal more achievable and my dreams more realistic. Thank you so much! ”  Diana Raducu

“I wouldn’t have finally finished and launched my website if it wasn’t from the support of the Inner Circle and who I’ve met within it!” Lauren McNeill, LAM Analytics

Take a look INSIDE the DNG Inner Circle

The DNG Inner Circle is the virtual coworking community that travels with you!

Expert-Created Mini-Course Packs

Each month we will create a themed pack of a mini-course, a live Q&A session and a workbook (or other printables) on relevant topics like branding, social media, money mindset & productivity.

A Dedicated Community Space

The Inner Circle is hosted on its very own social network, away from the noise and distraction of social media. We even have our very own mobile app so you can stay up to date wherever you are 🙂

Exclusive Member’s Perks & Discounts

Receive exclusive discounts to our upcoming retreats, other nomad events, tools, products and services! I’ll regularly add new discounts and perks to our database

Member’s Service Directory

Let’s face it, building a network of freelancers and entrepreneurs who you can work with  is one of the most important things you can do to scale your business. That’s why I’ve created a directory where each member can offer their services and rates so you can easily find the right person to hire!


“Joining the Inner Circle was possibly the best decision I’ve made so far this year. You cannot put a price on the value you get from the workshops, the co-working sessions and community support! ” Samantha Gargour, Cyprus Connections

Oh no, you just missed it!

The DNG Inner Circle is currently closed for enrolment. Join our waiting list below to find out when we re-open!

“I love the group. I am so impressed by the posts, the responses and the general feeling of inclusiveness and community. You have no idea how long I have searched for this! Thank you for making it real.” Patricia Kack, General Manager at Amplify 

“The DNG community brings me much clarity and it’s nice to talk to people who know about what trying to achieve and who can give you some insights on this lifestyle from their own experiences. The interviews and various packs also are great learning tools🤘🏽✨” Sylvia Lubeth, Outdoors Wonders

Who’s behind the DNG Inner Circle?

Oh, hi there! My name is Jenny, I’m the founder of Digital Nomad Girls and your host inside the DNG Inner Circle! In my old life I was a chemist but in 2013 I swapped my lab coat for a backpack to travel the world. When I first started out as a digital nomad 2.5 years ago, I had absolutely no clue where to get started. I just knew I couldn’t do it alone and wanted to learn from girls who shared the same dream as me. That’s when I created Digital Nomad Girls. I’ve since run three amazing coworking retreats, have met girls from all around the globe and have turned my passion into a location independent business. I want to help you do the same, without the fluff, just with hard work, clear goals and a strong circle of girlfriends who cheer you on at every step of your journey. When I’m not busy running Digital Nomad Girls or scheming where to go on my next trip, you can usually find me eating noodle soup, practising hula hooping (I’m a beginner hooper) or binging on Netflix.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm just starting out as a digital nomad. Is the DNG Inner Circle right for me?

Absolutely. The DNG Inner Circle is a place for new and experienced digital nomad girls to connect with others, build professional and personal networks, and learn new skills. I truly believe that the secret sauce to success is a strong network of like-minded people who just get you. When I first started out as a digital nomad, I didn’t have this kind of network, that’s why I’ve built the DNG Inner Circle. You’ll be able to learn new skills from our featured experts, all experienced Digital Nomad Girls, and from the community itself. This is a safe space for you to learn the ropes of becoming location independent and ask all your questions.

I’m already a digital nomad. Is the DNG Inner Circle right for me?

Yes! Assuming you want to expand your personal and professional network and keep learning new skills, then absolutely. The DNG Inner Circle also offers consistency and accountability for digital nomads. Regular goal setting sessions and virtual coworking days will help you make real progress on your goals and stay focused despite your ever-changing lifestyle. 

Is the community hosted in a private Facebook Group?

No, the community is hosted on our own little social platform. I LOVE our free DNG Facebook Group but I have made a very conscious decision to host the DNG Inner Circle community in our own, dedicated space away from social media and all its distractions. I know from experience of working as a social media manager and from running DNG how distracting it can be to be on social media all day long. I think it’s really important to create a space that is distraction free, where you turn to when you’re ready to get down to work or learn new skills.  But don’t worry, it’s not a boring old website forum! Imagine our own little social network, where you can chat with your new friends, ask questions on different topics, find people who are near you (I’m super excited about this feature!) and you even get your own app!

I’m a freelancer, will there be courses and experts that are relevant to me?

Yes! I have thought a lot about the topics I want to cover and the ones I picked for the first year will be applicable to most industries and types of freelance work or online businesses. Topics like branding, social media marketing, productivity, mindset, copywriting, building a website and growing your email list are important for all freelancers of online entrepreneurs. If you have an idea for a topic you’d like to learn about, please let me know and I will do my best to include it!

I’m a remote employee. Is the DNG Inner Circle relevant to me?

Yes, I think it will be. The DNG Inner Circle provides 3 things: knowledge, a community and accountability. While you might already know all the skills to carry our your remote job well, you might still find it hard to stay productive and hit all your goals while travelling. Our goal-setting sessions, virtual coworking days and productivity marathons will help you stay focused and productive. Not to mention your accountabilibuddy of course!

Will you be adding new content regularly or is everything already there?

I will add new content regularly and invite guest experts to create mini-courses in different formats for us each month. The experts will also join us for a live Q&A session which will all be recorded so you can watch them whenever is convenient for you. I will also add new members perks & discounts regularly as well as printables, workbooks and more. Plus, I invite you to put forward your own ideas of topics you’d like to see covered, experts you’d like to learn from and events you would enjoy. This is our community and I want to shape it to a space we all love.

Will I get direct access to Jenny in the DNG Inner Circle?

I will be very active in the community and regularly available during our live goal setting and Q&A sessions. I will also be facilitating the virtual coworking days and productivity marathons where you can ask me questions about your projects.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously, I’d love for you to stay a member of the DNG Inner Circle forever, but life happens, plans change. I get it. So while I’d be really sad to see you go, if you’re sure you’d like to cancel you can do so with just a few mouse clicks.

“Sometimes, the hardest thing about working remotely is the lack of accountability to anyone but myself. The support, coworking sessions, wellness challenge, and expert packs feel like a support system and the accountability I need to get things done. ” Susannah Bruck, Well-Traveled Writer

Oh no, you just missed it!

The DNG Inner Circle is currently closed for enrolment. Join our waiting list below to find out when we re-open!

Brie Goumaz Testimonial Pic DNG Inner Circle

“When Jenny put out the notice for the DNG Inner Circle, I immediately wanted in.

The Inner Circle offers a place for like minded ladies to get together. There is a great mix of ladies in different spots in their journey which makes for such a fantastic group. We have co-working days to keep each other on track, office hours where we often bounce ideas around, and fun workshops to keep our entrepreneurial minds learning. I have already learned so much and am in such a better place since joining the Inner Circle, it is worth so MUCH MORE than what I pay. Jenny has created a great place to be a part of and I highly recommend joining no matter where you are in your digital nomad journey. Come join us!”

Brie Goumaz, Pinterest Marketing Strategist at wildgoosecreatives.com