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Running an online business is hard, but you don't have to do it alone!

The DNG Inner Circle is a Business Peer Support & Coworking Community for Location Independent Women.


We are in business, together.

You’ve gone and done it. 

You started your own online business and made your location independent dreams come true! Go you! 🥳

The only thing is, it doesn’t feel quite as you expected…

…sure, you love the flexibility of being your own boss  and working from anywhere. But who would have thought it would be so hard to stay focused and motivated? 

And wow, the procrastination is real! Instead of working 9-5 it feels more like 24/7 – with no one there telling you when you get your work done. It just drags on.  

You’ve got about a bajillion amazing ideas, but you’re also driving yourself slightly bonkers brainstorming them all by yourself.

Every day you’re navigating the ups and down of running a business – and you’re really trying to do it in a meaningful and  ethical way.

It would be so nice to have someone to share it all with. Or even celebrate a bit when you land an awesome new client, or fire a horribly mean one.

So yeah, you didn’t expect it to be quite so, well… hard.

But here’s the thing:

Running a remote business is really hard.

Even if online business "experts" and "gurus" tell us that it's super easy or a "no-brainer" or "just your mindset holding you back"...

Uhm, yes, it's hard!

Now for the good news: it might be hard...

But you don't have to do it all alone.


Close your eyes for a moment and imagine this... no actually keep them open so you can read this...

✨Imagine starting your week coworking with a bunch of awesome women from around the world... instead of alone on the couch with your never-ending to-do-list and Netflix tempting you.

✨Imagine getting advice and support on that big business decision you need to make, from a group of peers... instead of driving yourself crazy making pros and cons lists and brainstorming with your notebook.

✨Imagine feeling on track with your goals and proud of your progress for a change... instead of pushing your goals from one to-do-list to the next, month and after month.

✨Imagine having a space where you can talk about ethical marketing and mindful productivity with women who also believe businesses should be a force for good, and not *just* for  profit. And learning about these topics together.

✨And imagine celebrating your champagne moments with those business besties with a glass of wine over Zoom! 🥂


Did you do it? Did you imagine it?? 

Well, you're in luck, because there is a place like that!

 🥁 Introducing: The DNG Inner Circle!

The Inner Circle is a Business Peer Support & Coworking Community for Location Independent Women.

We support you through 3 key ingredients:

Mindful Productivity, Community Accountability & Shared Learning!

We believe that the secret sauce to a running a successful and meaningful remote business is being part of a virtual sisterhood that supports you and cheers you on through the highs and lows of the entrepreneurial journey!

We’re in business, together.

“I can’t imagine my life without this community anymore. ❤️”

Federica Bruniera, Translator & Facilitator

“If you are looking for a group of women who are friendly and motivated, then sign right up!”

Janice Chaka, Introvert Career Coach

How we keep you productive (but mindfully!)

Monday Morning Coworking is the best way to start the week!


  • We host daily Virtual Coworking Sessions – across different time zones, many of which are hosted by our lovely members.
  • We get lots done and get to chat and bounce around ideas in the breaks.



  • Tap into the hive mind! Every month you’ll get a chance to share your projects and get feedback and support from our members and Jenny.
  • You learn just as much from others member's hot seats as from your own!



  • We host live monthly Review & Planning Parties (as well as our Big Annual Goal Setting Workshop) to help you reflect and stay on track with your goals
  • It's a party because we believe celebrating our wins together is a crucial part of mindful productivity! And it's fun!

How we foster Shared Learning:


  • Last month we introduced Mini Member Huddles, where you help each other in your businesses in small groups of 3-4.
  • Our members loved the pilot event so much we're making it a regular thing.


  • I believe that every single one of our members has something of value to share.
  • We facilitate member-led SkillShares and Q&As on topics ranging from ethical marketing to mental health.



  • Every month we read and then discuss a book together, and it's such a rich experience to hear each other's perspectives.
  • We alternate between fiction and non-fiction and read only books by female authors.

How we provide Accountability:


  • Every quarter you get the chance to get paired with a buddy for extra accountability.
  • Some of our members have been meeting weekly for years, some even text each other every day 🥰



  • Our Goalathons are 2 to 3-day Productivity Sprints where we tackle one of our BSGs (big scary goals).
  • We hold each other accountable with 24h coworking rooms, mini-groups and regular check-ins.
  • Our members adore the Goalathons!



  • Did you know that digital clutter can have just as bad an impact on your mental health and productivity as physical clutter?
  • That's why we dedicate one hour every month to tidy our digital messes - and the rest of the month we don't have to worry about them.

But we're more than "just" our businesses:

That's why we host regular social and lifestyle related events, too!


  • These are super casual chats about stuff that comes up during coworking or feedback sessions that we want to spend more time on. Members often suggest topics, too.
  • We've chatted about setting up a homebase, boundaries, sexism in business, and hobbies.



  • Our Eco Mentor Sophia hosts monthly conversations about Climate Change and the environment.
  • But it's not just talking, we also take action together, from switching to sustainable banks to writing our MPs.



  • For when you really just want to have fun, meet new people and have a nice after work chat over a cocktail!
  • Members have also hosted crafting sessions, board game events, movie and documentary nights!

Plus: We've got our very own platform & app!

Sure, Facebook Groups can be fun, but they're NOT a place to make meaningful connections or get some focused work done. 

I strongly believe premium communities like this one deserve a safe and dedicated space.

That's why we have our own community platform away from the noise and buzz of social media.

Here you'll find our event calendar, a library of resources, all our call recordings and get to meet all our lovely members!

What our lovely members have to say:

I love everything about the Inner Circle – how supportive and constructive everyone is, how much we learn from each other and especially the culture of conscious productivity and healthy work-life balance as opposed to constant toxic hustling and running after egos or figures.

Katia Dimova

Founder of Chateau Coliving

I’ve only been a member for a short time but I am loving the atmosphere and knowing that I have a ready-made support network for issues big and small. I’m also loving the book club! And the coworking sessions are fabulous.

Sara Baroni

Translator & Writer

I feel like my business grew up in DNG.
I remember I was like “I just want enough money to pay for the Inner Circle.”

Adaline Cooper

Startup Founder & Translator

What I love most about the Inner Circle is the community, the inclusivity, this sense of belonging in a group of womxn who work online, run their businesses however they like and support and inspire each other! I’ve come to understand that this is something precious that I won’t find in other communities! Thank you! ❤️

Lyda Michopoulou

Coach & Facilitator

  Join the DNG Inner Circle today!

Pick your payment option below and click the button to join us!

This is the last time we will offer this price, after our relaunch the price will be $100/month or $1000/year!

Join the DNG Inner Circle today, and you:


  • Get immediate access to our community platform and app
  • Get to join dozens of fun and productive events every single week
  • Meet your next business besties and build your personal & professional network
  • Lock in your membership now and it’ll never go up as long as you’re a member of the DNG Inner Circle!


30 Day Money Back Guarantee

We want our members to be happy and involved in our community.

If you’ve given it a real try (i.e. attended at least one virtual Coworking session and two other live events) and you don’t feel like you’re getting what you were looking for, you can cancel any time within the first 30 days of your membership and we’ll refund you in full.

No hard feelings, no fuss. But we’ll still miss you, of course.

Hi, I’m Jenny, your host 👋

Scientist. Digital Nomad. Entrepreneur. And noodle soup enthusiast 🍜

👩‍🔬After finishing a PhD in chemistry in 2013, I planned to travel for one year and stumbled headfirst into the digital nomad world.

Having worked in a super competitive, high-pressure academic environment for nearly 10-years I was excited to find a lifestyle that seemed much more balanced and human-friendly.

Sadly, it quickly became clear that the online business world was equally as male-dominated and rife with hustle culture, toxic productivity and competition as academia. Sigh.

But I had no intention to swap the old rat race for a new one, so I decided to create a community that was different.

That’s the Inner Circle! It’s where I get to fully embrace my entrepreneurial journey in all its messy glory and encourage my members to do so too!   

Some personal stuff for fun: I’m sitting out the pandemic in a tiny town in rural Somerset, UK, where I spend my days sampling local cheeses 🧀, reading books, crocheting rainbow blankets 🧶and binging Ted Lasso.

As seen in:

Our members do all sorts of cool stuff, like:

 💃 The happiness consultant for the UN who wrote a book about dancing her way around the world.

🏙 The urban planner and freelance writer who became business partners with that same happiness researcher.

🌏 The communications strategist who used her skills to become a climate activist and facilitator.

🌈 The brand strategist who builds ethical brands of the future – while raising a fierce toddler.

📊 The bookkeeper for creatives who started travelling once her son went off to college.

👩🏼‍🦳 The social worker/entrepreneur supporting elderly people in their next life stage.

🙋‍♀️ The introverted translator who found confidence in sisterhood.

🧠 The ex-corporate healing from burnout who started her own UX business.

🧘‍♀️ The yoga magazine editor who encourages fellow creatives to resist hustle culture.

🚐 The language teacher living the #vanlife with her poodle, Lucky.

Wanna meet some of these awesome women and join us inside the Inner Circle?

This is the right place for you if:

 👍 You know that you get out as much as you put in and are excited to get involved, join live events and show up!

👍 You’ve already started working online (even if you’re not living fully off your business)

👍  You are willing to add value and know that investing in your professional network will be rewarding in the long-term

👍  You are curious and like to learn about new things and experiment in your business and life.

👍 You believe that #CommunityOverCompetition is more than a hashtag and that women supporting each other will change the world

👍  You’re globally minded – no matter if you’ve got a homebase, live in a van/boat/tiny house or travel full-time/part-time/some-times

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm not sure I have enough time for the Inner Circle - will it take over my life?

Absolutely not!

The Inner Circle is designed to support you while working location independently, it is not intended as a distraction.

Ideally, it will save you time because you’ll be more productive during coworking and know immediately where to turn for support (instead of trying to figure every single thing out yourself).

Each of our members uses the Inner Circle slightly differently:

  • Some join multiple coworking sessions per week and never miss a Monthly Review & Planning Party.
  • Others like to start their week with a coworking session on Monday and then always come to Eco Talks, the Book Club and Digital Decluttering.
  • Others always join the Feedback Hot Seats and never miss a Tea Time chat but only occasionally join for coworking.

It totally depends on you and what you and your business need that week/month.

I like to say the Inner Circle is like a buffet, you pick and choose what you like and leave the rest!

Do I need to be a full-time digital nomad in order to join?

Not at all!

In fact, around 63% of our members have a homebase they travel from.

There’s not one way to do this lifestyle as long as you run an online business this is the place for you (and yes, freelancing counts)!

I'm just starting to work & live remotely. Is the DNG Inner Circle right for me?

It depends.

If you only just found out about the remote lifestyle and are trying to figure out how to make it happen, then it’s a little too soon to join the Inner Circle – but our beginner course ‘Stop Dreaming, Start Packing’ might be the perfect fit for you!

But if you are already working online, even if you’re not fully living off your business yet, then I think the DNG Inner Circle would be a great fit for you.

It’s a place for location independent business owners to connect with and learn from each other and build a sustainable and meaningful business.

I’m a Remote Employee. Is the DNG Inner Circle relevant to me?

It depends on what you’re looking for. Most of our members run their own businesses (including freelance businesses) but we do have a few remote employees as well.

While the Inner Circle supports our members on their entrepreneurial journeys, we also believe that we’re much more than just our businesses.

So in addition to our professional events (Coworking, Feedback Sessions, Skillshares etc) we also host many social events like our Book Club and DNG Tea Time where we chat about all sorts of topics from “what home means” to hobbies, self-care and food!

So if you feel lonely working remotely or struggle to stay productive and hit your goals, then the Inner Circle might be a good fit for you, even if you have a full-time remote job.

I’m already a working online, is the DNG Inner Circle right for me?


I created the DNG Inner Circle specifically to provide a space for location independent women who already run their own business (and yes, freelancing counts).

89% of our members have been running their business for more than 1 year, with 36% for 3-5 years and 27% over 5 years.

I know that our biggest struggles are loneliness, lack of accountability/motivation and staying productive while working for ourselves.

Assuming you want to expand your personal and professional network, virtually cowork and make new friends and business connections, then this is absolutely the place for you!

I’m a freelancer, is the Inner Circle relevant to me?

Yes! According to our last annual survey, 43% of our members identify as freelancers while 25% identify as business owners, 18% as solopreneurs and 9% as serial entrepreneurs.

Freelancers are business owners, even if we don’t always feel confident saying that out loud. And the Inner Circle was built for women who run remote businesses.

The content and events are designed to suit you.

Is the community hosted in a Facebook Group?

NO! The community is hosted on our own social platform through Mighty Networks.  

One of our core values is mindful productivity and noisy social media platforms are not the right tools to build an intentional, dedicated community.

But don’t worry, Mighty Networks is not a boring old forum! Imagine our own little social network, where you can chat with your new friends, ask questions on different topics, find people who are near you (I’m super excited about this feature!) and we even have our own app!

p.s. I also personally believe that paid communities shouldn’t be hosted on free social media platforms (but maybe that’s just me 😉

Will I get direct access to Jenny in the DNG Inner Circle?

Yes, I am very active in the community and host  most of our live events and Q&A sessions.

I also facilitate regular Monday Coworking sessions where you can ask me questions about your projects, travels or anything else you’d like to chat about.

Plus, I facilitate the Feedback Hot Seat Sessions where you can get direct access to me and feedback on your project!

The DNG Inner Circle is my favourite place to be online and I hang out here all the time!

What if I can't make a live call?

Of course, you won’t be able to make all our events, that is totally cool.

We take a buffet approach to our events where you can pick and choose what you need every month or week.

If you missed something, you can watch the replay at any time as we record almost all sessions.

What about time zones? When are the events?

Time zones come with the nomad territory and we try to cater to them as much as possible. 

We host around 60 live events per month (including coworking sessions) and try to cover all time zones as much as we can.

Currently, most of our core events are hosted at two times so you can find a time that works for you. (Feedback, Monthly Review & Planning Parties, Decluttering, etc)

These calls usually take place at 10 am UK (11 am CET/ 4 pm Thailand/ 7 pm Sydney) to cover Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia and 5 pm UK time (12 pm EST/9 am PST) to cover Europe, and the Americas.

We reserved the right to be flexible with these, in case I move to a different time zone for a while.

Do you add new content regularly or is everything already there?

We experiment with and add new content regularly. However, the focus of the Inner Circle isn’t on content (there’s plenty of that around already), it’s on community and shared learning.

Our focus is shifting even more towards member-led events, like SkillShares, Q&As etc, because we all have so much to offer.

We do also invite outside experts for Live Q&As, create workbooks, challenges, mini-courses and more.

All our live calls and Q&As are recorded and added to a growing library of resources.

What happens if I decide to cancel my membership?

Obviously, I’d love for you to stay a member of the DNG Inner Circle forever!  But life happens, plans change, we evolve and grow. I totally get it.

So while I’d be really sad to see you go, if you’re sure you’d like to cancel you can do so with just a few mouse clicks and at any time of the month if you’re a monthly member.

Annual members can also cancel anytime and their membership will end at the end of the year (once the 30 day money back guarantee ended).

Ready to join us?

What happens next:

💳 Pick whether you’d like to pay monthly or annual (save 2 months!) and complete the payment.

👋 You’ll be taken straight to a Welcome page with a short video and instructions on how to join our community platform where all the action happens, yay!

🗝 Once you’ve logged into the community, you can update your profile pic and bio, browse our upcoming events and check out our Member’s Handbook for lots of juicy info.

🍾 And while you’re settling in, we’ll be popping some bubbly to celebrate you joining us! We can’t wait to meet you!

  Join the DNG Inner Circle today!

Pick your payment option below and click the button to join us!

This is the last time we will offer this price, after our relaunch the price will be $100/month or $1000/year!

Join the DNG Inner Circle today, and you:


  • Get immediate access to our community platform and app
  • Get to join dozens of fun and productive events every single week
  • Meet your next business besties and build your personal & professional network
  • Lock in your membership now and it’ll never go up as long as you’re a member of the DNG Inner Circle!


More love from our members: 

I just wanted to say that the Inner Circle is worth every penny. Every day I’m amazed by the beautiful, supportive community you’ve created. Well done!

Marie-Anne Chaloupecky

UX Copywriter

I feel like I’m a broken record but I’ve truly been gaining so much more out of joining the IC than I ever thought. I’ve always felt a bit inadequate in communities, especially big groups, and this feels very different and so wonderful in so many ways. So thank you for creating and cultivating this platform ❤️

Ely Bakouche

Creative Entrepreneur & Magazine Editor

I love the community of strong, inspiring and creative women, the mutual support and all the fun we have during our events!

Laura Puttkamer

Urban Planner & Writer

I joined after I got ‘stranded’ and it’s been keeping me sane. There’s no promo or competitiveness, just lots of other lovely women hanging out and helping each other. Can’t recommend it highly enough!

Silvia Schmidt

Lawyer & Filmmaker